Training Course for Trailable Yachts

A course specific to trailable yachts is available.  It has been developed by adding specific trailable yacht information to an already existing Australian Sailing approved course for day sailing keel boats (Start Crewing/ Start Helming) and was developed by the Victorian Trailable Yacht Division of Australian Sailing.

Who should do the course?

This course is designed for anyone who is considering purchasing or has recently purchased a trailable and has little experience sailing this type of boat. It would also be suitable for existing owners of trailables who need to improve their basic sailing skills or for those sailing small keelboats.

What is in the course?

  • Safety equipment, clothing and safe practices. Weather.
  • Preparing a yacht for sailing. Correct terms. Basic knots. Reefing.
  • Ability to steer a yacht on all points of sail and heave to.
  • Tacking and gybing.
  • Heel, trim and anchoring.
  • Recovering a man overboard.
  • Understanding basic maritime rules.
  • Raising and lowering a mast.
  • Launching and retrieving.
  • Using an outboard. Approaching and leaving jetties.
  • Trailer issues.

More Information

This is a two day course and the cost is $300.  Instructors are qualified Australian Sailing instructors and course participants have insurance cover provided through Australian Sailing. The courses are run out of an approved Discover Sailing Centre at various locations in Melbourne or at a regional centre such as Bendigo depending on availability and demand.  The courses are delivered in an approved trailable yacht.

Other Courses

Other courses that are organised and/or run by SYA members include;

  • Marine Radio (VHF SROCP) – Training and Assessment for Australian Waters Qualification.  More information on this qualification is available from ACMA.
  • Getting the BEST out of your Sails – This one day course is designed for Trailable yacht sailors who want to learn more about Sail Trim.

For more information generally about learning to sail please visit the Australian Sailing Discover Sailing web site.