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The Forum allows members to post questions/comments within a wide range of topics. Other members will be able to read these postings and, where appropriate, provide replies. The objective of the forum is to promote communication between members. The Forum also contains Pictures and Documents for members and interested people.

The SYAV Forum is currently based on Yahoo Groups.

If you are new to the forum, you can enter as a guest. This is the default when you first enter the forum. As such, you will see most of the information within the forum and you will be permitted to read postings. You will not be able to post new topics, edit or reply to existing topics. For this you must register as a member and login.

To join this group, enter the Forum then click on JOIN THIS GROUP (top right hand side) within the forum screen. Then simply follow the instructions. Your application to join our Group will have to be accepted by our Moderator. Acceptance will be provided to current members of the Sonata Yacht Association (SYAV) and those interested in our Sailing activities.

For detailed instructions on how to join the SYAV Forum:

  1. You will need a Yahoo Account. If you don’t have one Click Here

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