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Trailable Yacht Division – Winter Series
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VHF Marine Radio training now includes:

  • Practical Assessment – Minimum requirements for the practical assessment are:
    • demonstrate the ability to use a marine radio, turn on and off, adjust volume, power, background noise and set channel;
    • demonstrate a Mayday call and message;
    • demonstrate log in, routine call, message and log out;
    • demonstrate an understanding of digital selective calling operating procedures and distress alert; and
    • demonstrate setting the channel for dual watch.
  • Theory assessment includes:
    • PLBs and emergency position indicating radio beacons of the 406 MHz and 121.5/243 type
    • Demonstrate an ability to use VHF radio telephony and digital selective calling (DSC) operating procedures, particularly those relating to distress, urgency and safety
    • Demonstrate an understanding of simple maintenance practices required to keep the marine radio equipment specified in (1) in good working order, including the repair of minor faults
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the regulations applicable to ship stations equipped with VHF radio telephony and digital selective calling facilities
    • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the Australian marine search and rescue system
    • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of marine radio operations and equipment
    •  Demonstrate a practical knowledge of apropriate GMDSS sub-systems and equipment
    • EPIRBs, PLBs, AIS and Search and Rescue Transponders

For more information and training dates contact Philip & Jenny 0478708246 or see expression of interest on the forum.